Clara McCreery

mccreery at cs dot stanford dot edu

I am a master's student in computer science at Stanford University, specializing in artificial intelligence.


My research, advised by Christopher Ré, focuses on weak supervision, multi-task learning, and applications to genomics. I am particularly passionate about using machine learning to inform and increase the efficiency of scientific wet-laboratory experiments.

I have done a number of independent projects as part of my coursework in machine learning. For details check out my github and resumé.

Prior to my graduate studies, I worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory for 3 years on computer vision and data visualization.


As a course assistant for CS110: Principles of Computer Systems, I taught students about filesystems, multi-processing, threading, signal handling, and distributed computing. Example assignments included implementing a terminal shell, ptrace, a web proxy, and map-reduce using C and C++.

As an undergraduate, I was also a teaching assistant for general chemistry.